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Kinu Tofu.

Kinu tofu is a type of tofu that can be found on Japanese food menus. It is tofu that is easy to eat, light in texture, soft, fragrant and smooth. Kinu tofu provides 50 kilocalories of energy and 5 grams of protein per 100 grams

How important is calcium to the body?

Calcium is an important nutrient for bones. It is a nutrient that helps make bones strong. It’s mostly found in milk, green leafy vegetables, sesame seeds, tofu, soy milk, grapefruit, and orange juice. It’s also found in many other foods. Calcium is considered a very

Beliefs about weight loss.

Many people want to weight loss quickly. You will be slim before coming back to meet your co-workers. The popular beliefs about weight loss that Still misunderstood? Let’s share how to with friends. For example, you want to lose 5 kilograms in 2 weeks, regardless

Benefits of tomatoes.

Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C. Which may help in maintaining better skin health. From research published in the journal Nutrients in 2017 on the role of vitamin C in skin health. It was found that vitamin C plays an important role in creating collagen.