‘Solskjaer stops trusting ‘Pogba’ in the middle.

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Manchester United legend Paul Scholes believes Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is in a good mood. Running out of patience with Paul Pogba in charge of central midfield,

Pogba has found himself out on the left of midfield for much of this season as Solskjaer has opted for two holding players ahead of the United defence.

However, Owen has argued the 28-year-old French star’s strength is playing alongside a holding midfielder.

The 41-year-old former Liverpool striker added that Pog ba’s position out on the left impacts the likes of Edinson Cavani, who is benched as a result of Solskjaer not trusting the Frenchman as a sitting midfielder.

Owen told Premier League Productions: “I know every Manchester United fan around the world would agree: get Paul Pogba in alongside one sitting midfield player.

Scholes, who believes ” Solskjaer ” has given Po gba the opportunity to produce in that position several times. But in the end, it didn’t work as expected.

“Solskjaer doesn’t trust Pogba in that position,” Scholes said.

“I think he’s tried to trust him. He gave Pogba a lot of chances. And he wanted to do that. but what he saw was Pogba lack of discipline in this position, “

” it may damage them expensive. And tonight is a very important game. for Solskjaer”

“The lack of trust in the players is not a good thing. Po gba will be disappointed But he has to go through and fight to come back.”