‘Ranieri’ is ready to cheer up and help “Bruce”

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Watford manager Claudio Ranieri has offered his support and encouragement to Steve Bruce, who quit coaching because of the scolding. After he went through the same experience before ,

Bruce left the position of Newcastle United manager on Wednesday past. Two weeks after the capital group took over the club,

he took charge of the team’s 1,000th game in the weekend’s loss to Tottenham. Yet, throughout his time in charge of Salikadong,

Ranieri had similar experiences at Chelsea and Monaco, where he was ready to reach out to his close friend

Rani. Erie said: “I haven’t talked to him yet. But I want to congratulate him on his 1000th in charge of the team.”

“I know that will be very sad. I know what the case is because it happened to me at Chelsea, Monaco and with Leicester as well. I’m close to him, so I help him if you can, “

Bruce told me that probably retired from the team but Ranieri said they wanted to see friends working in this field to

” I understand him. I would like to continue this work as an opportunity to show my strength and find good things. This is modern football and it is what it is. We have to understand and bear everything.”

“ Every manager and person is different. when something bad happens I’m always positive, let it pass and look forward to it. I hope Steve can do it too.”