Klopp reveals atmosphere in Liverpool dressing room

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Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has revealed that How is the atmosphere in the dressing room of the Reds players? After only being able to draw with Tottenham Hotspur 1-1 at Anfield last night.

“I am quite happy with our overall performance in this game. And proud to see the children trying to continue to hunt for the goal until the last second. even if it fails And I would like to give credit to Spurs for planning quite well,” Klopp told UFABET Sports.

“What is different from other matches is the quality of Spurs themselves. They defend well and play dangerous counter-attacks and take the lead. I try to tell the players to stay calm, Not to panic, to gradually put. The pressure on the game until the equalizer is achieved.

“Of course the draw is not what we want. But the children’s work is too good to blame who is wrong – who is right, who is bad – who is good. You just have to look at the problem and fix it until it gets better.”

“You can never forget that Spurs have some world-class players in their squad. Plus, the coach Antonio Conte is also a world-class coach. They’re in good form consistently. Have a full break It can be said that it has many advantages over us.”

“The atmosphere in the Liverpool dressing room after the game was not as enjoyable as other matches where we were the winners. But it’s not bad. Because there are many games left to play, Including two cup finals, you just have to shake off your disappointment and move on.”