Gun prepares for a new contract “Saka”

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Arsenal are reportedly in the process of catching up with youngster Bukayo Saka to sign a new contract. Amid the interest from Liverpool

, the England winger continues to develop. Under Mikel Arteta, who has six goals and four assists in 21 Premier League games this season, the

20-year-old signed a four-season contract in 2020. That the pace of development has made the “guns” consider awarding a contract that is suitable for the player’s status.

Saka has already surpassed his goalscoring numbers from the last campaign. Contributing six goals and four assists in just 21 Premier League appearances this season.

He has entrenched himself on the right-hand side of the north Londoners’ front-line, relegating £72million record signing Nicolas Pepe to the bench.

ufabet london reports that Arsenal hope to offer a new contract That reflects the level of importance of Saka after they were able to cut costs from release. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can leave the team,

although the “Reds” are rumored to want to grab Saka to join the army, but reports say the issue is not an obstacle to negotiating a new deal between This footballer and the club that raised him

Saka has 18 goals and 25 assists in 114 appearances since making his Arsenal debut in 2018.