“Barcelona” is not decisive – ready to go to the glasico.

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Ronald Koeman, Barcelona coach He spoke about the decisive attack of the players in the 1-0 home win over Dinamo Kiev in the Champions League on Wednesday night

at Camp Nou ” Barcelona “. Got a tone goal from Gerard Pique’s shot in the 36th minute, causing them to collect the first three points after losing 2 games in a row, making it third in Group E.

in this game, even though Barca dominated the ball. 60 per cent, but they only had 11 shots on target three times after the game, Koeman said: “This win gives us a chance to win the Champions League. League and everything is still possible. But we have closed the game better than this, “

” It is a victory before the game’s Glastonbury music “

to mention just a single shot. “I think you have to understand that in the second half we only had three clear chances, which you have to deal with.”

“We put ourselves at risk. We give them a chance to stay in the game. Fortunately, our defense was perfect. We are superior but we have to close the game. I do an hour of the game, we should have three to four children already, “

before closing it. “I’m happy with the game but not okay with the performance”

this weekend, with Barca hosting a big La Liga match against rivals Real Madrid this weekend, when asked if he was ready, Koeman said. “Are we ready to win in the Clasico? You’re ready, why aren’t you ready?