“Alba” aliens should have more than 1 ball

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Barcelona full-back Jordi Alba thinks they should score more than one goal against Dynamo Kiev on Wednesday, insisting he is ready for the Real Madrid game. Over the weekend, the

” Barcelona ” had just beaten Kiev 1-0 in the Champions League last night,

with Gerard Pique scoring the only goal in that game. This allowed them to win their first three points in European games this season. Ready to move up to 3rd in the group

, Alba sees that they should have more than 1 goal since the first half of the game. And confirmed that it is ready for the El Clasico game this weekend.

“We should have scored more than one goal in the first half,” he said, according to ufabet.

“In the second half we didn’t play very well. Although the opponent may not create many opportunities. We have to keep our opponents in check and maintain our level of play throughout the game. That is the success that comes from trying and doing the right thing.”

“This is an important week. We played well in both games, it helped the team to progress even further. But we are prepared for the difficult game against Real Madrid, regardless of what happened before the start of the game. We hope to bring happiness to the fans.”