Kinu Tofu.

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Kinu tofu is a type of tofu that can be found on Japanese food menus. It is tofu that is easy to eat, light in texture, soft, fragrant and smooth. Kinu tofu provides 50 kilocalories of energy and 5 grams of protein per 100 grams of tofu because it is lower in calories than other types of tofu. Therefore providing the least amount of protein as well.

Kinu tofu is soft, fragrant and smooth. UFABET  It’s easy to eat, even though it tastes bland. But you still get some tofu flavor. Therefore, it is popular to put it together with various vegetables, such as eating it with salad. Topped with salad dressing for extra flavor. But it’s usually not boiled, stir-fried, curryed, or fried. Because the texture is quite soft. Therefore it may cause a mess.

Tofu Momen

Momen tofu is similar in appearance to Kinu tofu. But it has a slightly harder texture. Momen tofu provides 90 kilocalories of energy and 10 grams of protein per 100 grams of tofu.

Momen tofu is suitable for making tofu steak. or steamed with vegetables It is often eaten simply and lightly seasoned to bring out the tofu flavor.

This vegetarian festival, don’t forget to eat enough protein to meet your body’s needs. In addition to tofu, there are also mushrooms, beans, and other vegetables that are equally rich in protein. You should eat a variety of foods. and exercise regularly It will help you get both merit and good health during the Vegetarian Festival at the same time easily.