Causes of “glitch” in working age, do not have to wait for old age.

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Causes of “glitch” in working age, do not have to wait for old age.

Eye diseases cause by deteriorating cells in the eye. Such as glaucoma, glaucoma, and cataracts, are often understood as the disease of “old people” or the elderly. Who may be over 50 years old or only at retirement age. But in fact, in the working age.

Who has not touched the number 4, there is a chance to have these cataracts as well, especially “glaucoma” that creates difficulties in work. and reasonable living. Report from สมัคร ufabet

What is glaucoma?

Dr. Pannet Pangputtipong, Deputy Director-General of the Department of Medical Services. Revealed that glaucoma is cause by the degeneration of the conjunctiva. It looks like a small, convex, white or yellow lump in the conjunctiva. but not tumors, often found in the inner corner of the eye rather than the outer eye.

Causes of glaucoma

The cause of glaucoma is still unclear. But there are factors that increase the risk of developing glaucoma, including

  • Eyes are exposed to ultraviolet rays. Also known as UV rays, which are present in sunlight for long periods of time.
  • The eyes are exposed to wind, dust, smoke and heat which can irritate the conjunctiva.
  • Frequent dry eye symptoms but not in a hurry to treat Or don’t use artificial tears to add moisture.
  • work where eyes are constantly exposed to heat, dust, smoke and sunlight without eye protection, such as a construction worker welder Jeweler, etc.

Symptoms of glaucoma

Those who have early onset of epilepsy are often asymptomatic. but will feel abnormalities such as

  • Itchy eyes, burning eyes, watery eyes
  • swollen eyes red eyes
  • feeling like there is dust or a foreign body in the eye itchy eyes
  • There are more symptoms while being outdoors, being exposed to the sun, being exposed to wind, when the wind is getting bigger or inflammation occurs.
  • can’t open eyes
  • began to have more and more vision problems

The dangers of epilepsy

When the sclera is irritated or deteriorated until it forms a small white lump in the sclera, it is called cataracts, but if left untreated. Or continue to expose your eyes to sunlight, dust, smoke and heat continuously. Inflammation may occur until it spreads to the black eye, called the flesh, which is more dangerous than the wind. and permanent vision abnormalities may occur

how to treat wind

In general, if glaucoma does not require additional treatment. Just change the habits in daily life so that the symptoms do not get worse. (Avoid the eyes from sunlight, dust, smoke, the effects of various conditions) if the doctor considers that the symptoms are not serious. But if the eyes are inflamed The resulting lump is large. or in a position that is dangerous to see Your doctor may prescribe eye drops. or consider surgery

However, patients should not buy eye drops by themselves. Because choosing eye drops that are not suitable for the symptoms or choose drugs containing steroids This can increase your risk of glaucoma, which is more dangerous and more difficult to treat.