Beliefs about weight loss.

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Many people want to weight loss quickly. You will be slim before coming back to meet your co-workers. The popular beliefs about weight loss that Still misunderstood? Let’s share how to with friends.

  1. Focus only on the weight loss numbers rather than the methods used to lose weight.

For example, you want to lose 5 kilograms in 2 weeks, regardless of the method. It might actually make us decline faster. But the weight loss may be due to loss of fluid and muscle. There is also a risk of a yo-yo.UFABET 

  1. To be thin, you must abstain from starch.

In fact, limiting your intake of starch may be another way to help you lose weight. But actually we should pay more attention to the type of starch or carbohydrates we eat. whether it is a simple or complex carbohydrate Eating complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, purple potatoes, vegetables, and unsweetened fruits. Allows us to maintain stable sugar levels. Feels like your stomach is full for a long time, not hungry for the next meal. It allows us to control our food intake better as well.

  1. Low-fat food is a low-calorie food that makes you slim quickly.

When you come across many types of food that say low-fat, fat-free, 0% fat, you may have to look at the label on the back to see if sugar has been added to make it taste better. Otherwise, it will become like taking it to control weight. But you can get full sugar.

  1. Drinks don’t make you fat.

In fact, sugary drinks are the ones that immediately get sugar into your body when you drink them. It might make you feel good. But it will cause us to have excess sugar without realizing it. Therefore, if you want to lose weight The first thing to do is Must reduce sweet water first. Should be drunk as water, black tea, black coffee, herbal tea without added sugar. Or if anyone doesn’t like the bland taste of water. Try cutting a lemon in half or soaking some berries. It will make you feel as happy as sweet water.